October 1st, 2018 @ 1600UTC

September 10th, 2018 @ 16:00UTC


  • Community Updates

  • Plans with the whitepaper

  • Work on CI/CD terminology

  • Status of Event Driven CI/CD

  • Meetup during KubeCon NA

  • AoB

Community Updates

  • Most of this information has already been shared via the ML https://lists.openci.io/pipermail/discuss/2018-September/000110.html

    • Publications added

      • as agreed they are not "done" per se but are in good enough shape to share; please provide issues/PRs via GitHub for fixes/additions.

    • Infrastructure

      • As suggested by Steve a request has been put in at GitLab to host us under their OSS initiative

      • Most content has been moved over to GitHub for the sake of preservation; if anything happens we may lose users but we have their contact information - and most are on the ML

action send ML msg re gitbook sign up vs modifying using github

Plans with the whitepaper

Work on CI/CD terminology

  • check with Watson to see if the google docs document he started working on is ready to be shared

  • how to ensure people from other locations (APAC) can collaborate on docs (google docs.)

  • action setup gitbook for this

  • action reach out to Martin and Jeff

Status of Event Driven CI/CD

  • check with Yolanda regarding the status of the event proposal

  • Watson and Steve are interested in this

Meetup during KubeCon NA

  • anyone interested joining to KubeCon and having OpenCI meetup?

  • december 14th, friday, outside of the main event in Seattle: Fatih, Ed, Andy, Jack, Thanh (?), Ray (?)

  • what is the purpose of the meetup?

    • finalize the whitepaper?

    • anything else?


  • action Daniel for any info from cperf at ONS


  • ...