General Information

General community activity and information is kept here. Please create a PR or issue on GitHub if something is missing.

Our vision is to bring our diverse open source communities together by facilitating the communication between us and our integration, deployment, delivery, and automation. We strive to involve others who share similar concerns as us and want to solve the challenges we all face in a collaborative manner.

If you are interested in participating in this effort, please use the collaboration tools/communication channels listed towards the end of the page to get in touch with all of the OpenCI contributors.

Cross-Community Needs

OpenCI is a Cross-{Community,Project,Foundation} CICD/Infra initiative.

  • Community maintained per project metadata

    • commit sha,tag => CI Jobs => CI Artifacts

    • commit tag => Release Artifacts

    • Possibly Similar to data

  • Event Driven CI

    • PubSub notification of XCI events

    • upon creation of upstream tag + artifact, trigger CI

    • upon failure of test with artifacts, publish failure

  • Immutable history of shared artifacts/results

    • IPFS style artifact storage with metadata

Cross-Community Themes

During the inaugural Cross Community CI/CD and Infra Workshop, participants identified the themes below as the first items to start working on together in a collaborative manner.

  • Vocabulary, Use Cases, Considerations, Constraints

    • Wavell Watson/CNCF, Monty Taylor/OpenStack, Andrew Grimberg/LF

  • Integrating CIs/Event Driven CI

    • Daniel Farrell/OpenDaylight, Fatih Degirmenci/OPNFV

  • Means and Types of Feedback, Dashboard/Visualization

    • Taylor Carpenter/CNCF, Maciek Konstantynowicz/, Ed Kern/

  • Cross Community Test Strategy

    • Georg Kunz/OPNFV, Hippie Hacker/CNCF

  • Security

    • Trevor Bramwell/OPNFV, Clark Boylan/OpenStack

The drivers identified for each of the theme are from different communities in order to ensure diverse participation in the work. It is expected and welcomed for the drivers to involve others with interest, ideas, and concerns in the area they are driving.

Volunteer Community Contacts

  • OpenStack: Mohammed Naser (mnaser)

  • CNCF: Lucina Stricko (lixuna)

  • OpenDaylight: Daniel Farrell (dfarrell07)

  • OPNFV: Fatih Degirmenci (fdegir)

  • LF: Thanh Ha (zxiiro)

  • ODL/LF: Anil Belur (abelur)

  • ONAP: Helen Chen (helenc878)

  • TBD

Collaboration Tools

  • Mailing List(s):

    • Some corporate mail servers are known to block mails coming from OpenCI mailing list.

    • If you DO NOT get subscription confirmation in 5 minutes, please try subscribing with non-corporate mail address such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc.

    • Please check spam folder for subscription confirmation.

  • IRC: #openci on Freenode

  • GitLab:

  • etherpad:

  • ethercalc:

Community Meetings

OpenCI Community meets first Monday of every month 16:00UTC. Everyone is welcomed to join to the meeting.

Join using Zoom:

You can find notes and details from the meetings on their respective pages in the left margin.


The events OpenCI Community either met or considering to meet are listed on this page in the left margin as well with notes and details if community members had the opportunity to get together.